FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. -- An electronic billboard along Georgia 400 with a rotating political message has drawn the attention of drivers on that stretch of highway.

The billboard, just north of Exit 13 -- the Georgia 141/Peachtree Parkway exit -- has a roatating set of messages that are against President Obama. The messages include "Worst President Ever"; "100% Anti-Obama"; "More Jobs Less B.O." and "I was Anti-Obama Before Anti-Obama Was Cool."

A fifth sign, reading "Comrade Obama" and depicting a picture of Adolf Hitler over the 2008 Obama campaign slogan "Yes We Can" on the right and a Communist hammer and sickle on the left, had been removed Friday afternoon.

PHOTOS | Anti-Obama billboard on Georgia 400

An 11Alive News viewersent photos of the billboard images Friday morning. The changing signs are mixed among ads for pool companies, attorneys and tree removal services.

A sign on the billboard indicates it is owned by Revolution Billboards of Buford. Multiple calls to the company's president went unreturned Friday.

Ethan Underwood, president of Forsyth County Republican Party, reached out to 11Alive to stress the group had nothing to do with the billboards.

"We didn't sponsor them and we don't condone them," Underwood told 11Alive's Blayne Alexander. "This election is about issues, not name calling."

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