ATLANTA, Ga. -- The threat that someone is spying on you is very real and not as difficult as you might think.

The devices are all around you and are so commonplace that they are literally hiding in plain sight like tablets and smart phones. However, sometimes they can be fake tablets and smart phones designed to secretly record what you say and do in high-definition.

Specialty cameras can be hidden almost anywhere from vents, signs, dispensers, clocks, radios, anything big enough to conceal a button-hole camera.

Of course, they can also be worn in clothing. About the only way to prevent being spied on is to take aggressive surveillance counter-measures.

"One is the physical inspection, just go out there and screen a room," said Brent Brown of

Chesley Brown Companies

which specializes in security.

"Make sure if you see anything (suspicious) at all check for it, look behind it, look to the ceiling because it's going to be stored somewhere. They're so tiny that the most full-proof way to detect them is an infrared emitter that you can take in a room. Any of these devices, regardless of how small they are, has a lens; and the emitter is going to shine back off the lens onto you."

Brent Brown says the cost for a professional sweep can be thousands of dollars, but he adds that because of the risk of liability from spying it's well worth the investment.

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