ATLANTA -- There were long lines and long waits at many of Metro Atlanta's 20 open polling places on a Saturday usually reserved for shopping, football and eating out.

For some it was frustration and anger about having to wait so long, but for others it was different experience.

"When you have a chance to vote it's an awesome experience. The line is not too long, and it's not bitter and I'd be out here even if it was raining," said Leslie Saunders, voting at the North Fulton County Government Center.

For others, like Ulysses Jimenez, a native of Cuba, it's the first time he's ever voted in a free election.

"This is exciting. It's making me nervous and at the same time it's very emotional to do this for our country," he said.

South of the city the lines were not as long as in some other locations, but there was plenty of energy on the street outside the polling site at the Adamsville Recreation Center as national sorority Delta Sigma Theta teamed up with the NAACP.

They cheered as potential voters came by, influencing many to head to the Polling place.

One, Samantha Ellis, was first-time voter.

"I heard the screaming and heard about early voting so I came out so I could early vote," she said.

Early voting continues throughout the state until next Friday.

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