ROOPVILLE, Ga. -- A Carrollton area boy is seeing green after growing a massive cabbage.

Collin Jenkinswon a $1,000educational savings bondintheBonnie Plants Cash for Cabbages gardening contest, which is open to third graders in the continental U.S.

Students partner with their schools but grow the plants at home. Jenkins attends Roopville Elementary, south of Carrollton.

His winningOS Cross cabbage weighed 35 pounds. That particular variety of edible cabbage can grow upwards of 40 pounds, according to Bonnie Plants spokeswoman Joan Casanova. She said last year, thetop cabbage in Montana weighed 65 pounds.

Each stategets onewinner. Students from Blue Ridge to Stockbridge and beyond competed in Georgia. For more on thecontest and program, visit

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