ATLANTA - The Fulton County Elections Office has been in turmoil the past few months, so it's no wonder some are worried if they'll be able to handle Tuesday's big election.

They claim they've ironed out most of their problems, but Georgia's Secretary of State told 11Alive he'll be watching to make sure.

During last summer's Primary Election, hundreds of Fulton county voters ended up at the wrong precincts thanks to incorrect registration cards.

Even before the primary, scores of senior citizens in a high rise were told they'd been purged from voter rolls because the county wrongly thought their address was a vacant lot.

Elections Director Samuel Westmoreland, already in hot water over those and other problems, was forced to resign in September after he ended up in jail from some old DUI cases.

Sharon Mitchell was appointed Interim Director to try and sort out the mess.

Fulton Commissioner Robb Pitts, a frequent critic of the elections office, told 11 Alive on Monday he thinks the county will run a smooth operation on Tuesday, but not one that is error free.

"I think though, that everything is in place that we can keep errors and mistakes to a minimum," Pitts said.

The Georgia Secretary of State's Office is still investigating several election complaints from the summer primary.

They're also concerned about reports that some voter registration forms still may not be processed.

Fulton County hired an outside consultant to help with the General Election, but Secretary of State Brian Kemp says that, alone, is not the answer.

"The thing that concerns me is, you know, are there people to go along to do the work that the consultant recommends needs to be done to be ready for this election and we'll find out tomorrow," Kemp added.

The Secretary of State's Office hit Fulton County with a $120,000 fine for slow processing and mishandling of absentee ballots in the 2008 Presidential Election.

It's believed to have been the biggest fine they've ever imposed.

Secretary Kemp said if a voter shows up at a precinct and is not on the rolls, they can ask for a provisional ballot.

He also urges Georgians with complaints to call his Voter Fraud Hotline, 877-725-9797 or visit the website.

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