COVINGTON, Ga. -- A Newton County school bus was involved in a chain reaction collision Monday morning.

The accident happened at around 7:30 a.m. on Highway 212 near Oak Hill Elementary School in Covington.

Georgia State Patrol confirmeda car left the school driveway and pulled in front of the bus. Witnesses said the driver likely couldn't see the bus because the turning lane creates a blind spot during carpool hours.

The bus, carrying 34 Alcovy High School students, could not stop in time and hit the car.

The bus then moved into the opposite lane and hit another car,which was thenrear-ended by a pickup truck.

Newton County Schools spokesperson Sherry Viniard said the driver of the car that cut off the bus was thrown from her vehicle. She was taken to a local hospital in "very serious" condition. Investigators said the woman was a parent who had just dropped off her child at Oak Hill Elementary.

A parent and an Oak Hill Elementary School student who were in the car that was rear-ended were also taken to the hospital, Viniard said. Their conditions were not known.

Viniard said three of the high schoolers on the bus were treated at the accident scene, but they were all OK.

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