NORCROSS, Ga. --A 24-year-old manhas beencharged with Statutory Rape and Interference with Custody after police say he took off with a 14-year-old girl.

Raymundo Aranda-Parra is being held without bond in Gwinnett County.

The teen, whose name is being redacted due to her age and the nature of thecharges against Aranda-Parra, was found safe in NorcrossMonday morning.

Over the weekendthe GBI issued aLevi's Call, Georgia's version of an Amber Alert, after the teen disappeared from her Glennville, Ga. home. Initially, Glennville Policesaidthe teen was abducted by a man who was considered armed and dangerous.

On Monday, GBI spokesmanJohn Bankhead said the teen willingly left with Aranda-Parra. Norcross Police said the two met in a MocoSpace chat room and carried on aseven-month relationship.Authorities said thetwo may have met in person beforeand that the14-year-old initially said she was 19.

Bankhead said when Aranda-Parrashowed up atthe girl'shome on Saturday, her parents tried to drive him away, but she hopped inhis pickup truckand left with him.

Authorities believed the two were heading to Atlanta over the weekend. Using cell phone technology, investigators tracked down Aranda-Parra's employer in Gwinnett Countyand found outthe truck actually belongedtohis employer.

Investigators said the girl called her dad after seeing media coverage about her disappearance and said she wanted to go home.

Norcross Police arranged to meet her at the Knights Inn on Brookhollow Parkway, near Interstate 85 Monday morning. Employees there said the girl and Aranda-Para checked in Sunday afternoon.

Bothof themwere taken the the Norcross Police station Monday,where Aranda-Parra was charged. There was no bond for the statutory rape charge.

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