DUNWOODY, Ga. -- If you're in Dunwoody, keep an eye out for four major stars this week. Robert Deniro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline are in town to shoot a movie called "Last Vegas."

Out in December 2013, it's a story about four retirement-aged friends who head to Las Vegas for a bachelor party for the last one of them who's still single.

Georgia's film industry has exploded ever since the legislature passed a series of tax breaksunder Governor Sonny Perdue.Monday, residents of a Dunwoody neighborhood saw semi-trucks, cranes, production vans and trailers take over their street. A family was paid to move out of their house for two weeks.

"They've been putting in shrubbery and painting the inside of the house," said neighbor Frank Barber. "It's a big deal; it's been interesting watching the whole process."

Neighbors cited production crewmembers as saying the shoot will wrap up in the neighborhood by Wednesday, then move on to an Atlanta studio. The scenes being filmed in Dunwoody are set in New Jersey for the movie.

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