AUSTELL, Ga. -- What if someone gave you a 116-year-old house, and all you had to pay were back taxes and penalties totaling about $8,000?

For an Austell couple, this really happened -- Kim and Andy Maner now own a historic home.

Now the hard part: bring it back to life with your own hands.

When asked, "Is it like winning the lottery finding that this thing is yours and has been given to you?"

Maner responded with a pause, "That's a 50/50 question, really."

Yes, enthusiasm is tempered by Andy because it needs work, lots of work.

Jim Cole, the 80-something-year-old owner of this home tried to give it to the City of Austell.

"No thanks," the mayor said because it would betoo expensive to remodel.

So Cole gave it to the neighbor boy. The neighbor boy is now almost 50.

"I guess after 3 years of hoping, we'll see how it turns out," Andy said.

The house needs a lot of love, but there is a lot to love.

Andy's wife Kim is excited about the endless possibility of owning a historic home.

"I can only dream what it's going to look like when it's done," she said.

The house has great bones as they say in the real estate business, a kitchen sink, a century old.

Floors and ceilings from the time of President McKinley haven't been touched.

Staircases that climb into bedrooms that have served many purposes over the generations.

On the floor, papers that have sat in perpitutity.

The former owners W-2 form from 1953, an Atlanta Journal from the 1957 with Bob Hope kissing actress Anita Eckberg.

This is a great house in need of some hammers, saws, and some paint -your basic sweat equitity from the new owners.

The Maners believe it will take them about a year to get the house liveable.

This home was originally the Austell City Library back when Confederate soldiers were living on the block.

Andy is a mechanic, a car guy, but he says he has a lot of friends that he is going to charm with pizza and beer in effort to use their talents.

He will need a lot of pizzas.

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