ATLANTA -- He's been honored by Oprah Winfrey, Time Magazine and he has also worked closely with the past four U.S. Presidents.

John Hope Bryant and his Operation Hope foundation have found a new home in Atlanta at the all newMartin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Complex.

"When you live for something larger and more important than yourself, you get a sense of vision, a sense of passion," said Bryant.

A strong passion that brings John Hope Bryant, the founder and CEO of Operation Hope, from his hometown of Los Angeles, CA to right here in Atlanta.

"Atlanta is my home now,"said Bryant. "It's an organization that is technically the longest urban delivery system for financial literacy in the country."

The organization is 300 U.S. cities and places like South Africa, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

"We've reached two million people and directed 1.5 billion dollars in private capitol to American cities and created home owners and small business owners," said Bryant.

The story of Operation Hope began just days after the nation sat and watched helplessly as rioters tore apart their own community when a 'not guilty' verdict was reached in the beating of Rodney King.

Bryant, who was once homeless, sprung into action hoping to change their mindset.

"A sense of purpose that no money can buy," said Bryant.

Now, he's hoping to bring Sweet Auburn backing to its glory days.
Bryant's Operation Hope is a tenant in the all new state of the art facility - The Martin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Complex.

"I want to transform this neighborhood. Yes, it should be a regional symbol for hope," said Bryant.

And, he wants to do so by changing the neighborhood's credit scores.

"This is basically a 550 credit score neighborhood. If you're a 550 credit score neighborhood, you're going to attract predatory lenders - check cashers - payday loan lenders," said Bryant.

"If you raise the credit scores 120 points from 550 to 670, that goes from predatory lending to entry level banking. You change somebody's life."

Bryant'sglobal headquarters office is in Los Angeles. But the grand opening of the center kicks off Wednesday, November 14, 2012 with the Operation Hope Global Financial Dignity Summit. Guest speakers include Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Ambassador Andrew Young and Russell Simmons.

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