UPDATE 8pm Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 -- The Ladners' medical flightlanded at DeKalb Peachtree Airport, andan awaiting ambulance took them to Atlanta Medical Center.


HOLLY SPRINGS, Ga. --Holly Springs Police Officer Shane Ladner and his wife Megare on a medical flight headed home tonightafter being involved in a deadly parade accident.

Shane suffered back injuries. Doctors had to amputate Meg's leg.

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11Alive's Duffie Dixon satdown withMeg's mother and friends of the couple who saythey could be air ambulanced to Metro Atlanta as soon as Monday.

Meg's best friend, Susan Greene, has been in touch with Shane daily to find out how things are progressing.

"Meg isstabilized so as soon as they can coordinate an air ambulanceflight to Atlanta Medical Center we can get them home. We just want them here so we can comfort them and help them," said Greene.

The Ladners were in Midland, Texas for an all expenses paid hunting trip for wounded heroes. Shane served in Somalia and Iraq.Thursday night, while riding in a parade, a train collided with the float they were on.Four veterans were killed.

Meg's mother and several others, including Holly Springs Police Sgt. Brian Cain, were flown to Texas to see Shane and Meg.

"It is very hard on Shane to see Meg in the state she isin. That is his angel. It isheartwrenching for him. He just couldn't imagine something like this happening," said Sgt. Cain.

From the moment friends and fellow members of the police department found out about the accident there has been a flurry of activity to help the Ladners.

A Facebook page called "Prayers for Shane and Meg Ladner" has been set up to post the lastest news about the couple. A fund has been set up through Cherokee Bankin their names. Shane's buddies are looking at how their house can be renovated tobe more accessible for Megand there's talk about fundraisers.

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"We don't want them to worry about medical bills and expenses right now. We want them to focus on recovering and it is going to be a long road," said Greene.

The Ladners married10 years ago, and friends describe their relationship as one of unconditional love.Both have an inner strength and support eachother.

"Meg was so proud of Shane and his service in the military and his work as a police officer.She was so excited to go to Midland where he was going to be recognized for all of his hard work," said Greene.

As for the accident, Shane has expressed sorrow for the fellow veterans who died and for those injured, including his wife.

"Shane kept saying to me'I tried to save her, I tried to save her'. I said 'You did save her. You got her off the float. She's alive,'" said Greene.

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