TONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. -- With temps in the 60s under bright blue skies, snow is probably the last thing on most Georgians minds...except the folks at Stone Mountain...who are obsessed with the white stuff! That's because Stone Mountain is now Snow Mountain!

But Mother Nature doesn't exactly make it easy to have snow in Georgia, and creates quite a challenge to make it.

"So one of the unique things we have is what's called temperature independent snow making, so it is different that what's on a ski hill where it has to be a certain temperature and humidity," explains Paul Creasy, the producer of Snow Mountain, and the man that makes it all happen. "We can make snow in temperatures up to 65, 70 degrees."

But with temperatures expected to stay well above normal for the next several days, how do they keep it from melting?

"We can't beat Mother Nature, and it absolutely does melt, but that's why we started making snow on October 5th in anticipation of Snow Mountain, in anticipation of a Georgia climate, and Atlanta climate, where you're going to have days where you're going to be 65 degrees," Creasy points out. "You're going to have rainy days, and have windy days."

In fact, this is the best kind of snow to have because you can play in it, slide in it, build a snowman in it, but you don't have to shovel it or drive in it!
Plus, if you're looking for a way to burn off all those calories from your big turkey meal, you're in luck because Snow Mountain officially opens to the public on Thanksgiving Day from 10am to 5pm.

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