FULTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Fulton County has the largest number of registered sex offenders in the state. This week they introduced a new way to help residents track those offenders.

The county is tracking all corners with OffenderWatch.Residents can type in any address in the county and see all sex offenders within a two-mile radius. Other local counties use it already, from Cobb to Coweta to Bartow; Fulton officials say they benefit from that network of data.

"This system's gonna allow us to work with multiple different agencies," said Sgt. Hector Caballero of the Fulton County Sheriff's office. "We're able to merge information to them within minutes."

The Georgia Bureau Investigation has a similar page on its web site. Fulton officials say theirs offers residents the chance to sign up for alerts when sex offenders move into their neighborhood. Residents can also alert the county of any wrongdoing in the area.

For more, go to the OffenderWatch page.

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