(WXIA) -- With a holiday shopping cart loaded with toys and plenty of games, Doran Bradshaw, a proud father of two girls, wasted no time Wednesday afternoon pushing his way through the aisles at Toys"R"Us.

"You're one of those dads who normally wait until the last minute? I'm the king of all procrastinator," said Bradshaw.

He was on a mission this year, however, in an effort to beat the rush before Christmas Eve.

"I'm ahead of the curb this year," said Bradshaw.

Things were going relatively smoothly for the dad. That's until he made it to the aisle filled with dolls and America's favorite sweetheart -- Barbie.

"I don't know what I'm looking for," said Bradshaw.

So, like many men, he chose to caterto his owninterests.

"You see, I'm over here in the monster section - that says a lot right there," said Bradshaw.

For the longest, boys have owned the reputation when it comes to loving monsters and girls have always favored dolls.

But not so fast! The times are changing.

Bradshaw said his daughters love monsters.

"I don't ask any questions. I just go with the flow," he said.

To make sure their needs are met, toy makers are mixing things up a bit -- changing the images from the girly dolls to those having a little edge.

For the first time in Barbie's history, Mattel is introducing a construction set for girls.

"I think that's a good idea," said shopper Donna Muth.

Some experts said it's a way to encourage girls to play with items known as "boy toys" in an effort to develop their math and science skills.

"It shouldn't be just all men knowing how to build something; women can too," said Muth.

We got our hands on a video clip that has going viral on YouTube of a little girl making her argument.

"It just wouldn't be fair for all the girls to buy princesses and for all the boys to buy super heroes," said 4-year-old Riley. "Girls want super heroes and the boys want super heroes."

There's even a push by a 13-year-old to get Easy Bake Oven to create an oven for boys.

Whatever the case, fathers are switching roles and doing more shopping. And, little girls are enjoying playing with monster trucks.

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