ATLANTA, Ga. -- Some people took the opportunity to make 12/12/12 a date to remember!

PHOTOS |Marking 12-12-12

On this 12-12-12 -- you might think of playing the lottery, getting married or just find some reason to celebrate. We found three people celebrating their 12-12-12 in completely different ways.

You only turn 12 once... but what are the odds ofturning 12 on 12-12-12?

11Alive joined 6th grader, Britton Kinser who celebrated his birthday with classmates at Parkview Christian School at 12:12 p.m.

Some say, It's a once in a life time opportunity. The next time 3 numbers will align on the calendar will be January 1, 3001. More than 900 years from now.

12-12-12 is the last repeating number date of the century. And some believe it holds a little bit of magic.

James Stroman II may have some of the magic. He was destined to make it into the world on this day.

Hid mom Donna said she never even pushed. James was born just 15 minutes after she arrived at the hospital.

And why not take the opportunityto belucky in love? The Gwinnett County Courthouse reported twice as many weddings on 12-12-12.

Astri Hernandez and Kyle Campbell exchanged their vows, something they've waited four years to do.

The couple said they kept trying to get married but different things kept coming up. Now, they have a day they can remember.

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