ATLANTA -- Former Braves star Dale Murphy is on the baseball writers Hall of Fame Ballot for the 15th time.

It's his final year on the ballot. Last year he was named on about 15% of the ballots. A player needs 75% to get in.

Jeff Hullinger spoke with Dale from his home in Alpine, Utah and his son who is leading a charge to get the votes out.

Murphy's numbers:
- Back to back MVP 1982, 1983
- 7 Time NL All-Star
- 4 Time Silver Slugger award-winner
- 5 Time Gold Glove award-winner
- 2nd in total home runs from 1980-1989 (308)
- 6th player in MLB history to reach 30 home runs/30 stolen bases in a single season

As for the Hall, Murphy says, "Whether this happens or not, it's a dream come true for a player, but it's something I'm not exactly knocking on the door."

His son adds, "I think for 15 years we've seen him gradually become a little more outspoken about his feelings of how his records has been viewed."

Dale's oldest son Chad is making a passionate pitch on behalf of his father; with a letter on social media based in part on who Dale Murphy the man is: someone who never did steroids, as opposed to Bonds and McGuire, the greats of the 90s.

No matter what, Dale regrets nothing, "What we were able to experience with the braves in Atlanta, all of our kids were born there, we'll always have those memories and experiences whether it's part of the hall of fame or not."

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