LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- If you haven't noticed the Gwinnett County Police Department has been cracking down on distracted drivers and it might be because they're using undercover officers.

Or because they're not catching as many people as they'd hoped. After ten hours of patrols this week with several officers, they only wrote 17 tickets. That's a lot higher than the handful written statewide every day, but officers say it's still inefficient.

They need an undercover officer to spot the violators because most drivers hide their phones from marked patrol cars. Then they need another officer to take pictures of the distracted driving for extra evidence. Finally they need a third officer in a marked car to pull the driver over to write

"It's manpower intensive, we need at least 2-3 officers working this to get one violator. And we don't see a lot of violators out there simply because some people hold their phones low, some people hold them high, we have to constantly be watching every driver out there to see what they're doing," said Corporal Edwin Ritter.

Ritter said because stopping texting and driving is an important task, they'll continue the patrols about once a month until they find a better way to catch more distracted drivers.

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