ATLANTA, Ga. -- Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson is apologizing for using an offensive term while speaking on the house floor onWednesday.

He was talking about Michigan's new right to work law-- which puts strict limits on unions.

During his address, Congressman Johnson remarked:

"What happens when you put a giant in a cage fight against amidget? The midgetdoesn'twin the fight -- I'm going to tell you that hedoesn'tcarryenoughweight to do so. Thirty midgets with that giant and the midgets have a chance."

And on Thursday, Johnson retracted his statements by making the following remarks:

"But, to my discovery, just within the last 12 hours of so, I have found that the use of midget...the use of the "m-word" is no longer socially acceptable."

Congressman Johnson has become famous for his choice of words.

Johnson has held his office since 2006 when he defeated Cynthia McKinney.

An interesting gaffe for a very popularpolitician.

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