ATLANTA -- Reports of brawls and broken doors often accompany sales of the latest Air Jordans on Friday.

In Atlanta, the Air Jordan 11 Playoffs seemingly left the shelves without any major disturbances. More than 200 people lined up around the building of a Little Five Points store to wait for a few dozen pairs.

"It's mainly just a passion for the shoe," said Woodstock resident Aaron Faisal. "Some of us have been falling in love with the shoe from the very beginning; I've been loving shoes since I was 6 years old."

The Jordans retail for $185, but many sell them afterward online for many times that amount. They're modeled after a pair Michael Jordan wore during a playoff run in the mid 90's, when many of the people waiting in line were toddlers or not even born yet.
Those at the front of the line Friday waited 16 hours, spending the night in 30 degree weather.

"It's a hard shoe to get, and I'm just happy to be second in line," Spencer Marks said. "When you pull the shoe out of the box and see how nice it is, it was worth the wait."

It was also worth the wait because Marks sold the pair his dad bought in the parking lot of the store for $400.

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