Atlanta-- Residents of several neighborhoods near the Capitol View area in southwest Atlanta have had enough. They've taken to the streets with police officers to try to stop the upward trend of car break-ins and thefts.

"I'm afraid to leave my home, I'm afraid to leave my animals outside because of what might happen," said Roberta Caban. "That's no way to live."

Police say about 16 cars have been stolen in addition to 20 break-ins in the last month alone. There have also been several reported home invasions and burglaries. The Capitol View Security Alliance is a neighborhood group that pays off-duty APD officers to patrol the neighborhood. Sunday they decided to patrol with them, practicing what's called a Community Oriented Policing walk, or COP walk.

"If we could get everyone to watch out for each other and have everyone be closer knit, it would be great," said Tommy Garcia with the Security Alliance.

They handed out flyers and told neighbors to stay alert and keep valuables out of their cars. Many of the historical homes in the area don't have driveways, which causes people to park on the street.

But several of the neighbors said they had no intention of moving because of the recent crime.

"I'm invested in the neighborhood, I love the neighborhood, I love all my neighbors," Garcia said. "I don't think letting the criminals get their way is something that we would want."

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