ATLANTA --The largest Passion conference in history raised $3.1 million and provided spiritual renewal for 60,000 students from around the country.

The four day conference swamped the Georgia Dome with prayer and singing. It was an opportunity for students to connect with others who share a passion for Christ.

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"Seeing all of these people fired me up," said Jamie Jennings, a college student from Arkansas. "It's nice to know I'm not along, that that I don't have to stand by myself for anything."

For at least one student, it provided a spark to take her faith to the next level.

"I've always wanted to do mission work," said Megan O'Brian. "Now, I'm thinking of making it a career. It's something I'm really passionate about."

The Passion Conference started in Texas in 1997 with 2,000 people. This was the fifth conference held in Atlanta.

Students donated $3.1 million for organizations around the world working to end human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery. On Thursday night, all 60,000 participants gathered in the cold to hold a candlelight vigil for the people around the world who are victims of oppression.

"It was great seeing that many college students who care about people other than themselves," said student Michael Chrisman.

Students also donated 44,000 towels and 120,000 pairs of socks for homeless shelters in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

For student Chelsea Blackburn, the conference provided reassurance. She recently lost a good friend.

"There have been a lot of questions of why," said Blackburn. "I lost sight that God has a plan. This reminded me that his promise is true."

Because of conflicts with NFL football, organizers announced that next year's conference will be shortened to two days. It will be held in late January or early February.

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