JONESBORO, Ga. -- Abused and abandoned animals continue to crowd county animal shelters and for most of them it's a one-way street.

In Clayton County, more than 100 dogs a week are brought in. Few have left.

One volunteer group is working around the clock to save the animals, get them out, and find them new homes. Sunny is one of them.

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She is a 6-month old Lab brought into the Clayton County Animal Shelter, with rescuers saying the abuse she suffered was the worst they have ever seen -- with a collar embedded in her neck and other injuries too graphic to show.

She is now with a veterinarian and is reported in guarded condition after two hours of surgery. Tragically, Sunny is not alone.

"We see a lot of animals that have burns down their back. We see animals that have been shot with guns and we see a lot of embedded collars," said Maria Dorough, founder of Partners for Pets.

Dorough and a small group of volunteers startedPartners for Pets a year ago to rescue as many animals as possible from the Clayton County Animal Shelter.

"Prior to us coming in all the dogs here were pretty much, when they came in the front door they never left," Dorough said.

Inone year alone, with Clayton County bringing in more than 6,000 animals, Partners for Pets has been able to rescue 2,500 of them, includingmany needing immediate care.

Partners for Pets rush them to veterinarians for thorough exams and treatment. From there, they join thousands of other rescued animals that are sent as far away as Alaska to new homes. Despite their work, abuse to animals continues.

"We've got to change the mind set on these dogs. They are not a piece of paper and they are not just property you can just dispose of, these are living breathing animals that have no voice of their own and we are trying to be a voice for these animals," Dorough said.

Clayton County Police said they are investigating what led to Sunny's injuries. So far no charges have been filed against the dog's owner.

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