ATLANTA -- The 22nd Chief of Police for the City of Atlanta, RichardJ. Pennington, received the Major Cities Chiefs Association's LeadershipAward on Monday.

The award was given by Police Chief GeorgeN. Turner and MCAA President, Philadelphia Police Commissioner CharlesRamsey. Turner succeeded Pennington in 2010.

As reported by Carlos Campos of the APD,the MCCA created the Lifetime Achievement Award to honor those memberswho have who have contributed and improved policing throughout theircareers.

"Chief Pennington made an enormous impact on publicsafety, not just here in Atlanta, but everywhere he served," ChiefTurner said. "I'm proud and honored to walk in his footsteps."

Campossaid Pennington started his work with the Washington, D.C. PoliceDepartment, and worked his way to Assistant Chief. Next, he became Chiefof the New Orleans Police Department in 1994. In 2002, he was named Chief of the APD.

Duringthat time, he used a computer system to start an initiative called"COBRA," Command Operations Briefing to Revitalize Atlanta. The APD usesthis program today to help reduce crime in neighborhoods. Also withPennington's work, the APD was accredited by the Commission onAccreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

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