ATLANTA - Atlanta Falcons fans have picked some stores clean of team merchandise following Sunday's dramatic win.

All Pat Faulk wants is a couple of Falcon jerseys for her grandchildren. She had no idea it would be so difficult.

"I've been looking two hours now," said Faulk. "I looked all over this mall, Northlake Mall, no luck."

Faulk's search took her to the Pro Image shop in Sugarloaf Mills, where Manager David Klingman had a couple of collectable jerseys, a few hats, and one Falcon t-shirt.

"A lot of stuff I had earlier in the season is now on back order because they've sold so much," said Klingman. "Everybody from the diehard fan to the casual fan is buying up Falcons stuff."

Retailers say Falcons merchandise has been popular all season, but reached a fever pitch over the holidays.

Sunday's last second win over the Seattle Seahawks has taken fans to within one win of the Super Bowl, causing another rush on paraphanalia.

The Sports Authority in Buckhead still has a good selection, even after a run on jerseys and shirts just prior to Sunday's game.

Manager Dana Joiner says she's scrambling to keep up with demand.

"I'm talking to my boss every day, I need this, I need this," said Joiner. "I'm wiped out on polos give me polos."

If the stores don't have what you want, you can always order on line.

A Falcons baby bib is $8.

You can buy a Falcons ping pong paddle for only $13.

If you're going to buy your infant a bib, how about a Falcons pacifier for $9?

Falcons fan Ethan Moon isn't too worried about the run on Falcons jerseys. He's already got four of them.

He's 4-years-old.

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