Lucy has been found safe. The dog was found near near a restaurant by the interstate. The dog was taken to a vet who notified Lucy's owner.


A Stephens County man is missing his dog. It's not just his pet, it's his service dog. Shane Wilson has learned to rely on Lucy, a black Labrador/pit bull mix, ever since a serious accident five years ago.

Wilson has a prosthetic leg after crashing his motorcycle and Lucy was given to him by his daughter. The dog is his friend, protector and helper. "I tend to fall down at the house a lot and she runs up and she's like a brick wall for me to get my balance and get back up on my feet," he said.

Now you know why it is such a big deal that she is lost. Lucy is his constant companion at his transmission repair shop in Martin, GA. She goes everywhere Wilson goes. "Lucy means everything to me," he said.

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Last Wednesday they were in Commerce at Banks Crossing picking up a transmission to take back to the shop. Lucy was in the back of Wilson's pickup truck with the transmission. Wilson said the transmission shifted because it was tied down tightly. "I think that spooked my dog and when I slowed down for the turn it must have scared her and she jumped out I guess," he said.

Wilson had already turned onto the entrance ramp to I-85 to head back to his transmission shop when he noticed Lucy wasn't in the truck. He had to drive to the next exit and turn around before he could look for her. "I circled back and checked with everybody in the area and nobody saw anything," he said.

For the past five days Wilson has been driving from his shop to Commerce, a 30 mile trip, to look for Lucy and put up flyers offering a $500 reward. "I'm sure she's scared," he said. "I'm just hoping for the best."

At his shop in Martin, Wilson can't help but stare at a kennel cage he sometimes keeps Lucy in. "I just look in the kennel and she's not in there, it kills me, it really does," he said.

If you see Lucy call Shane Wilson at 706-491-8242.

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