COVINGTON, Ga. - Newton County investigators say unless they get more information, there's nothing they can do about more than three dozen KKK recruitment flyers left in a Covington neighborhood.

While Atlanta was enjoying the Martin Luther King holiday, homeowners in the Chestnut Corners subdivision woke to find flyers wrapped in plastic sitting in their driveways. A deputy responding to a complaint found as many as 40 fliers bearing Klan symbols with words like "join us today."

Typically, 11Alive doesn't report on the activities of a group some consider a terrorist organization, but investigators are reaching out to the community in hopes of learning if the Klan distributed flyers in other Newton County neighborhoods, and if there are any that could be considered threatening.

Rebecca Ashworth says if there was one in her yard, she probably threw it away rather than open the plastic to investigate.

"It's disgusting," said Ashworth. "I think if you want this you would seek it out. It doesn't need to be put in someone's driveway. I don't want it in my yard."

Newton County Sheriff Investigator Jeff Alexander says the flyers didn't include words deputies considered threatening, and therefore are just like any ads left wrapped in your driveway.

"There's nothing that we can do to stop this until a threat has been conveyed through this media," said Alexander. "So far it has not."

Investigators want to hear from anyone who received any messages that could be considered threatening.

The flyers found in Chestnut Corners include information about a website and a North Carolina phone number.

Investigators understand flyers just like the ones found in Covington were also left at homes in other southern states over the MLK holiday.

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