With threats of inclement weather looming, icy road conditions are apt to develop overnight.

Counties surrounding metro Atlanta are preparing to treat roads before winter weather strikes. The 11Alive Help Desk has compiled county contacts for youto report icy conditions in your neighborhood too.

MORE | Reporting icy conditions resource page

If you come upon winter weather while in your vehicle,Safe Motorist recommends that you stay alert, slow down and stay in control.

If you must drive in inclement weather, be aware that bridges and overpassesare generally the first portions of the road to freeze. Winter weatheralsobrings that peskycoat of iceon your vehicle's windshields and windows. It is important to remove all ice and defrost your vehicle before attempting to drive.

While on the roads, maintain a safe distance between other vehicles surrounding you. Prepare yourself to brake earlier than usual.

The Georgia Department of Transportation urges motorists to before traveling.

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