ATLANTA -- In Adairsville victims quickly becomeheroeswhen a tornado blew through their little town on Wednesday afternoon.

Daiki, a metal fabrication company and the Northside Bank were hit by the eye of the storm as it roared through the town. Citizens of the town watched in disbelief.

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Barryard Cook was standing on the second floor of the Northside Bank when the storm hit.

"I had enough time to basically say, God protect us all," Cook said.

When employees from the Northside Bank looked across the street, they say the Daiki plantessentiallydestroyed and they created a shelter for more than 100 displaced plant employees.

Some Daiki employees said they had to hold their colleagues down to keep them from being sucked out of the building.

Employees from the Northside Bank will be working from different offices for the next couple of months until the damage is repaired.

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