ADAIRSVILLE, Ga. -- Two Daiki employees came back to rubble that used to be their place of employment in search of a buried truck.

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The guys remember what happened on Wednesday when they thought they wouldn't survive the storm. They talked about how ran into a restroom and huddled together.

"At one point we thought the wall was going to fall in on us."

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"Yeah, cause the wall was shaking the roof was flying off and particles falling down oh your head. The roof was coming off and the wind was trying to suck me out the front door. I waspanickingbecause Ididn'thave anything to hold on to."

After the storm, co-workers worked to free each other from being trapped under the debris and fallen parts of the building.

In 2002, the building was damaged by another storm however employeesdidn'tmiss a day of work -- this time will be different.

Daiki hopes to finish rebuilding within 6 months, until then their employees will collect unemployment.

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