ATLANTA -- The Superintendent of Atlanta Public schoolspromised action but gave no apologies on Friday as he discussed the shooting at Price Middle School, that injured a 14 year old student.

Twenty fourhours after the incident,Erroll Davisstill could not say whetherthe metal detectors at the school were working, orwhen they might have worked last.

But he tried to assure parents as he visited the school the morning after the shooting that the detectors at Price and every other school in the district were being inspected.

An extra police officer was called in to patrol the campus on Friday. Fifteen crisis team members were brought in as well.

Atlanta Police said a 14-year-old boy, identified by his mother as Telvis Douglas,was injured along his neck, when a bullet struck him in a school courtyard.

Police say at least three shots were fired, but are not sure if Douglas was the target. The unidentified 15-year old gunman is in custody, charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm.

Policesaythe shooting stemmed from a disagreement between two groups, both of which have gang affiliations. But the police chief did not know if the victim himself,was associated with a gang.

Douglas'mother says absolutely not. On Friday, Mayor Kasim Reed visited them both.

"Gun violence and the consequences associated with it are real. I just spent the day at the house looking into the eyes of a 14 year old man, whose mother was holding him while I talked to him. And who's mother had real concerns about making sure her boy was safe," said Reed at a press conference later in the day.

Reed says he wants to be involved in a district-wide review of safety procedures. He alsowantsto install camerasin every schooland connect them with the city's video integration center. The city already has about 700 cameras for police to view throughout town.

Reed says police and the district were already in discussions on how to make it happen. After the shooting, he's committed to making sure that it does.

PHOTOS | Shooting at Price Middle School

A teachersuffered some minor cuts and bruises in the confusion following the shooting and was also taken to Grady.

Superintendent Davis said a school resource officer was on the scene and able to immediately take the suspect into custody.

Price Middle School, along with nearby Carver High School and Slater Elementary School were placed on lockdown Thursday afternoon.Price parents were asked not to go to the school to avoid confusion, and students were taken to nearby Emmanuel Baptist Church for pickup.

Parents told 11AliveNews that they think the school system should have done a much better job notifying them of the situation.

While some parents recieved robo calls about the shooting, many found out about it from watching television and calls from family and friends.

"Why not make it organized where the kids can get to their parents?" said Faye Robertson, the parent of a child at Price Middle. "We're concerned parents. Put the shoe on the other foot. Had it been your child, you'd make sure your child was O.K."

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