CALHOUN, GA-- Scores of volunteers, many students and teachers from local schools, made their way into tornado ravaged neighborhoods just east of Calhoun on Friday.

"It actually looks like a bomb went off," teacher Brian Little told 11 Alive News.

He was one of many volunteers taking food to storm victims and helpers in a neighborhood off Dews Pond Road.

Homes on several streets are among the nearly 500 Gordon County structures damaged by the Wednesday morning tornado.

Tree cutting and utility crews were finally able to begin clearing streets and yards.

Ardith and Harvey Scott were finally able to get back into their damaged mobile home for the first.

They were inside when they say the tornado lifted it into the air twice and knocked it off its foundation.

"Everything in the room went airborne, it was going every which way," Ardith said.

"She was trapped in the house for about 5 hours," said her husband, Harvey.

Both survives without serious injury.

The good news Friday is that the two most critical of eight Gordon County residents who were injured are doing better, including a 2-year-old boy who is about to be released from the hospital.

But they and their community are still a long way from healing.


"She said the last thing she could remember was the insulation coming out of the ceiling," according to Darren McFareland, the grandson of a woman who's Calhoun house collapsed around her.

On Wednesday, the storm flattened the home of Darren's 79-year-old grandmother, Betty Stewart, while she sat with his 2-year-old son, Zane MacFarland.

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"It blew them, with the house, into the tree and somehow they were found in the road," Darren told 11Alive News. According to Darren, a rescue worker found the two in the roadway -- they had lostconsciousnessduring the storm."

An emergency worker said they probably survived because they heeded the storm warnings and took cover.

Zane is recovering in a local medical center in a body cast from his ribs to his knees and Betty Stewart is in critical condition but expected to survive.

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