ROME, Ga. -- It's something many of us do everyday: log onto Facebook and post a status update about yourself or your family.

But you never think one of those posts could cost you your job.

Misty Roberson says that's exactly what happened to her. For nine years, Roberson says she worked in a clerical position for Harbin Clinic Pediatrics. When her oldest daughter got sick last September, she said shetried to get an appointment at her office, but was told they were booked for the day.

After taking her daughter to an immediate care center, she posted an update on Facebook.

"The post said 'after being at the immediate care for more than two hours, I finally have answers to what's going on with [my daughter's] fever, because work had no appointments. Can you believe it?'" she said.

"Everybody was concerned," she said. "That's why I posted it, because I wanted everyone to know. I never wanted anything to come negative of it."

About three weeks later, Roberson said she was called into her manager's office.

"They said, 'we're having to terminate you because you didn't follow the social media policy,'" she said.

Roberson provided 11Alive with a copy of the policy she received. In it, employees are prohibited from disclosing any private information via social media or making "defamatory" or "disrespectful" comments about Harbin affiliates.

"Be mindful that what you publish will be public indefinitely," the policy reads.

Employment attorney Amanda Farahany is helping Roberson explore legal options. She said Roberson's rights were violated by the company.

"If [employees] are talking about something that's true and working conditions, it's not defamatory, it's not illegal and it's protected speech," Farahany said. "Even if it's on social media."

Farahany said in the past few years, her office has seen a rise in social media-based complaints.

"Be careful what you write on Facebook," she said. "Know that your employer may be looking at it and that you might still get fired, even if it's an illegal firing."

When asked for their response, Harbin Clinic told 11Alive News they would not comment on personnel issues.

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