SMYRNA, Ga. -- More than two dozen activists and ministers gathered in front of Glock Headquarters Thursday evening in aneffort to expand the conversation around gun control laws.

Rev. Markel Hutchins said the gun control debate was not complete without focusing on handguns.

"If we are going to have a debate about the need for gun control, it cannot simply be one-sided about assault weapons," Rev. Hutchins said during the rally. "It's also got to be about the proliferation and the flood of handguns in urban communities."

Eric Kosken was among a handful of gun owners who showed up in support of Glock and second amendment rights.

"Glock makes guns for law enforcement and the military," he said. "This is not a company that really should be picketed. These are people who routinely make the tools that other people use to save lives."

Rev. Hutchins said they hope to talk with the company's president in the near future.

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