ATLANTA -- An "electrical issue" stopped trains between terminals at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport early Friday afternoon.

According toMyrna White ofthe airport's Department of Aviation, smoke detectors in the train tunnel on the Airport People Mover train system triggered the fire alarm to sound around 12:30 p.m.

Light smoke was seen coming out of the train. Immediately, it was taken out of service and moved to the domestic baggage claim station, where Atlanta Fire crews and the train manufacturer, Bombarider, investigated.

Minutes later, around 12:40, train service was shut downdue to heavy smoke in the train tunnel.

During early investigation, an electric motor was found to have caused the smoke. The train car was taken to the Bombardier maintenance shed, where a more thorough investigation is being carried out.

While the train was suspended, passengers used the moving sidewalks, or walked between concourses and terminals. During that time, Atlanta Fire dispatched medical bike teams to monitor traffic within the airport, and to assist people if needed.

Smoke evacuation fans in the tunnel and in the atrium were activated.

There were no injuries reported, nor passengers in distress.

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