ATLANTA -- The petitions kept pouring in, even asthey werepackedup and headed for the capitol.

Almost 6,000 people speaking out on the Autism Gap in Georgia, 99 percent of the petitions signed in 11Alive's online survey are in favor House Bill 309, which would require insurance companies to cover medical treatments for autism.

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Thirty two other States have already passed similar legislation.

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We delivered the petitions to the bill's sponsor, Representative Ben Harbin. Harbin says, "It has a good impact as long as people follow back up. Call your local legislators. They see 6,000 petitionsand they think they're all Atlanta. People still need to contact their legislators."

What 11Alive learned in this latest trip to the capitol is that measure could be just days away from being put in a mandate committee. It will spell the end.

Let your lawmaker know how you feel about House Bill 309. Find your representative and let them know if you support or oppose House Bill 309 here.

"If it goes back into the mandate it will delay it at least another year. My concern is that there are other powers that be that are trying to push this off and continue to delay it until we give up. but I don't plan to give up."

So while 6,000 is a great number , Harbin says if people want the bill to pass, they need to contact their state representatives.

"Let them know. They've got to hear the passion in the voices. I believe if people truly get behind this and everyone comes out in support of this, we can pass this, because it makes sense."

On Monday, supporters of the bill are inviting everyone to Capitol, to meet face to face with legislators.

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