GAINESVILLE, Ga. - A Hall County Great Pyrenees that survived for days with an arrow lodged inside its back is now recovering at home with a new family. They have renamed her Polar. The big white dog had come to them looking sad and hungry, and though they weren't dog owners, the Peters family in Gainesville started feeding her.

"Since she's had her operation she's much more playful this last week and a half," Peters said as Polar chased his kids and laid on the grass getting a stomach rub. "We didn't know what was wrong, not being a dog owner we thought it was a fight's she'd gotten into."

Polar had a wound that wouldn't go away, even after they gave her medication from a vet. They thought it might be cancer, and worried they would have to put her down. Then they took her to the Hall County Animal Shelter for a biopsy.

They found a hunter's arrow lodged in her back near her spine.

"I went through a range of emotions, the first one being anger thinking about who would actually shoot a dog with an arrow," Peters said. "But then there was relief, because we thought it might have been cancerous, and we'd have to put her down."

At the shelter, Dr. Meghan Seabolt performed surgery on the dog and successfully removed the arrow from her back. She's now getting used to her new home and family.

"She makes everybody happy and everybody smile, and it's another reason for everybody to come outside and play," Will's daughter Imara Peters said. "She's kind of like another member of the family."

If anyone has any information about who shot Polar with the arrow, they're asked to call the shelter at 770-531-6830.

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