ATLANTA -- Heavy rain and a stiff wind sent several trees crashing down into homes, including a 1934 house that was about to be sold.

A giant oakcame crashing down onto a home at 1100 Rosewood Dr., in Virginia-Highland just after 6 a.m. A contractor who had purchased the home was in the process of renovating it. He told 11Alive Newsthat he had abuyer who was supposed to sign a contract on Tuesday.

PHOTOS | Heavy rains cause trees to fall

A tile crew was supposed to spend the day working in a bathroom.

"The truck came up at 8:00," said neighbor Aron Glinsky. "So, they were just a few hours from being in some real trouble."

In Sandy Springs, a tree opened a giant hole in a home belonging to Sam and Pat Heys. They were in a bedroom only 20-feet away.

"We couldn't get to the doors," said Pat Heys. "Wehad to dip under that huge piece of tree and we knew it could potentially collapse some more, and that was really frightening."

Another tree blocked a portion of Tupelo St., in Southeast Atlanta. It took out power lines and a pair of transformers.

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