ATLANTA, Ga. -- 36-year-old Western Lowland gorilla and a legend in her own right, Machi, is headed to the Knoxville Zoo after more than three decades at Zoo Atlanta.

Machi is most known for being the mother to famed Zoo Atlanta gorilla Willie B's only male offspring.

She's a mother, grandmother and great-mother of many gorillas located all over the United States. And played companion to two of Zoo Atlanta's most famous gorillas, Willie B and Ozzie.

A resident of the Zoo Atlanta since 1988, Machi was born on March 1, 1976 at Emory University's Yerkes National Primate Research Center. She's a member one of the largest collections of gorillas in the United State.

Her move wasrecommendedby the Associated of Zoos and Aquariums to help "ensurethat animal populations in zoological settings remain self-sustaining and genetically viable."

However, Zoo Atlanta is gearing up for two new arrivals during Spring 2013; Willie B.'s youngest daughter, Lulu, is expected to give birth between mid-March and mid-April; her half-sister Sukari is due in August.

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