DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. -- Five-year-old Julianna Jackson won't be riding the school bus anytime soon.

On Monday, a teacher at Factory Shoals Elementary in Douglas County put her on the wrong one and the substitute driver let her off even though there was no adult to meet her.

A unidentified good Samaritan found her crying on the roadside.

"She was with a lady," said Nastassia Jackson, the little girl's mother. "And a lady was talking to her trying to calm her down because she was terrified; she was screaming, she was hollering. She was asking for her mommy and her brother and her sister."

In fact, her siblings saw her and the daycare bus she was supposed to be on with them whizzed right by her. Indeed, Jackson says the driver saw her too and even asked her sister if that was her.

"I was thinking that my sister could've gotten hurt or something," said 11-year-old Tatyana Jackson.

"Driving down the road, she did see the child from quite a distance and she could not stop the bus," said Lana Elliott, the owner of Cornerstone Early Learning Center daycare. "She could not turn it around; she had approximately 15 kids on the bus. She was concerned about their safety. She did see that the child was with another student."

The student Julianna was with was an 11-year-old the family says she did not know. Her mother is furious that both bus drivers left her on the street where any predator, human or animal, could have hurt her.

"You have to think first," said Nastassia Jackson.

"What if it had been their child on the street? She's five, she's not ten; she's five. She's standing in a street. She's crying; anything could have happened to her. She (the daycare bus driver) could have pulled over; she could've gone down there; she could've got her; she could've called 911; she could've did something other than leave her. It's too many things going on in this world people snatching kids people killing people. I would like to see them reprimand the teachers, because at the end of the day it was the teachers' fault."

School officials have apologized to the family and have offered to work with them to resolve any remaining issues. Cornerstone officials also apologized. The family has since removed their children from the daycare.

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