(USA TODAY) -- Where else can you get potential matchups of Hillbillies vs. Poets, Cornjerkers vs. Unicorns, Feet vs. Orphans and the Poca Dots vs. anyone?

USA TODAY High School Sportsis letting the you choose the best high school sports mascot in the country, from A (the Auks in Delaware) to Z (the Zizzers in Missouri).

Metro Atlanta has three school mascots vying to be the state's best: theClarkston Angoras, theGainesville Red Elephants, and theJefferson Dragons.

Cast your vote for Georgia's best mascot here.

The contest ends at 3 p.m. March 25.

The USA TODAY HSS staff has chosen 255 of the nation's most unique high school mascots - five per state (and Washington D.C.), with voting on the state round running until March 5.

The 51 winners will advance to the second round, where they will be divided among six regions.

The regional round will begin March 6 and end March 14.

The six winners then will compete from March 15-25 for the chance to be named the best high school sports mascot in America.

The national winner will receive $2,000 for its athletic department. Second place will be awarded $1,000, third ($500), fourth ($250) and fifth ($100).

Learn more about the contest here.

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