ATLANTA -- A metro Atlanta woman says she was never tempted to keep the envelope stuffed with $7,000 that she found on the side of the road.

"It never crossed my mind," said Pamela North Holloway. "I had no interest in keeping the money. I'm honest. I believe in doing the right thing."

Holloway was about to board an airport shuttle bus to her job at Standard Parking when she noticed an envelope next to the curb. When she saw that it was a bank envelope, she knew it was likely full of cash.

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"I knew they were probably on vacation and I was like, oh no, they're going to find out they don't have their money," said Holloway.

She delivered the envelope to her supervisor who gave the money to Atlanta police.

According to a police report, the envelope contained seventy $100 bills. A week later, Troy Zimbelman, a podiatrist from Alabama, phoned police and described the envelope and its contents. The money was returned to him.

Holloway says some people have told her she should have kept the money.

"That's their opinion," said Holloway. "My opinion is, I want to do the right thing. If it ever happens to me, hopefully someone will turn the money back to me."

11Alive wanted to know how others would react if they found a wad of cash that didn't belong to them.

Reporter Jerry Carnes and photographer Jon Samuels left a wallet filled with $100 cash and watched from a distance with a partially hidden camera.

Time after time, travelers spotted the wallet and delivered it to the nearest Atlanta police officer.

"It's not my wallet," said traveler Joan Sharkey.

After surrendering the wallet, one traveler explained that he'd recently lost his wallet on a business trip.

"I left it in a car and somebody kept it," he said. "So, I'm trying to change my karma."

One woman spotted the wallet sitting on an atrium bench. She placed her purse and a newspaper beside the wallet, slipped the money inside of the newspaper, then walked away.

When 11Alive confronted her, the woman claimed she was going to turn the wallet over to a security officer.

The wallet was still tucked inside the newspaper. She surrendered it when asked.

Then, there was airport employee Wanda Lee, who held the wallet aloft after finding it, eager to locate its owner.

Lee says she's found other lost items in the airport.

"Ever tempted to keep something?" Carnes asked.

"No, come on," said Lee. "I like my job."

Pamela North Holloway says the Alabama doctor called to thank her, and has promised her a reward.

"The 'thank you' was all I needed," said Holloway.

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