ATLANTA -- The City of Atlanta is changing the contract is uses to operate the Red Light Camera Program, causing a temporary halt of red light cameras within the city.

Deputy Director Carlos Campos saidthe current contract with Xerox will run out on Friday at midnight. The city expects the Red Light Camera Program will resume by the middle of May, as soon as it decides on a new vendor.

A report was developed by officials from the City of Atlanta, the Department of Public Works, the Atlanta Police Department and the Georgia Department of Transportation to show data on accidents and traffic, including high incident locations in Atlanta.

According to Campos, red light cameras are currently operating at the intersection of Spring Street and North Avenue, Cleveland Avenue and Metropolitan Parkway, and Freedom Parkway and Boulevard.

With the program, cameras photograph license plates of vehicles that enter the intersections after the traffic signals turn red. The drivers then get aticket via mail. The program seeks to minimize the number of accidents caused by red light violations.

City of Atlanta officials are reminding motorists to obey all traffic laws. Campos said running a red light could cost the violator $70 per offense.

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