ATLANTA -- A southwest Atlanta family is trying to figure out who left a heavy metal security door propped against a wall, just feet from where children play.

One year oldTalasia Hamm, accidentally hit the door on Monday, causing it to fall down on top of her. A neighbor heard the crash, then a cry.

"She was lying on her back with the screen door on her face. It was almost through her face," said Mario Miller.

Hamm's uncle, Eugene Hodges,believesthe doorcame from a nearby vacant unit, where the new owner is making repairs.

"We want an explanation. The Lord forgives everybody. Just come and let us know," said another one of the little girl's uncles, Cornelius Hamm.

Miller says he lifted the door off Talasia and rushed to her family. But with fluid building in her brain and her lung punctured, there was little anyone could do. Talasia died early Wednesday morning.

There's a teddy bear tucked ina memorial near the accident, wearing the jacket she had on the dayit happened.

Her family is trying to focus on the memory of her smile, instead of their sorrow.

"Joyful, keep you laughing, dancing, give you all sorts of funny faces."

Code enforcement walked through the community on Thursday, to see if there were any violations that could have prevented her death. But say the placement of this door was more careless, than criminal.

Even withTalasia's death, Hodges was frustrated to see repair crews and homeowners leaving power cords and tools lying around unattended.

"The people who own this (apartments under construction) should check their workers out, see if they're doing the right thing to the apartment," said Hodges.

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