ATLANTA - A big sister thought tickets to the Taylor Swift concert might ease a teenager's grief, until a rip off artist entered the picture.

A random act of kindness has restored their hope.

Chelsea Hobson is now raising her 13-year-old sister after the death of their mother last September. Chelsea and Calli Abercrombie's mom passed away after a long battle with a chronic lung disorder.

At times, Abercrombie has used music to ease her pain, on occasion turning to country music star Taylor Swift.

"Some songs just describe about the feelings that I feel, that I'm sad but I can get through it," said Abercrombie.

When big sister heard the country music star was coming to Philips Arena, she thought concert tickets would be the perfect birthday surprise for her younger sibling. Chelsea found two affordable tickets for sale on Craigslist, she sent a Kansas man $175.

He sent her nothing.

"I was so upset," said Hobson. "Not only did I lose the money I sent him but I was not able to give her what she deserved."

11Alive's CIA team has revealed the potential pitfalls of buying concert tickets on the secondary market. Some people overpay. There are others who unknowingly purchase counterfeit tickets.

Then there are those who don't get tickets at all.

11Alive wanted to do something for the grieving sisters who were denied their Taylor Swift tickets. Philips Arena agreed to provide them with two seats for Friday's performance.

"In my head I'm doing cartwheels even though I can't do cartwheels," said Calli Abercrombie. "I'm screaming in my mind."

And remembering mom.

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