ATLANTA -- The main bar at Manuel's Tavern is something of a legend around Atlanta. The Poncey-Highland pub is a noted gathering place, where people watch everything from Falcons games to presidential debates.

Friday night was no different. Around the smokey bar, over pitchers of beer, all eyes were on Boston.

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"I used to live in Watertown, about five blocks away from where all of this is going down," said bar-goer Lisa Heydet. "I've been on my phone trying to get through to my peeps up there and make sure everybody's safe."

By the time people settled into the barstools at Manuel's, the manhunt had been underway for hours. For many in the bar, the entire day was spent glued to a television or smartphone, hungry for more information. It only seemed natural, they said, to continue the watch at Manuel's.

"I have a lot of friends that this directly involves," said Jacquie Smyth, a 2009 graduate of Boston College. "I have a couple of friends that weren't allowed to leave their building. For me, this is very personal."

Long-time bartender Bobby Agee said for much of the night, at least one of the main bar's two television sets was tuned to a news station. About two hours in, the other TV was changed to show the Braves-Pirates game. Surprisingly, Agee said, most eyes remained glued to Boston coverage.

For many in Manuel's Friday night, the arrest of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev brought a welcome sense of relief. A much-needed resolution.

"I just wanted to jump up and down, seeing everybody cheer in relief," Heydet said.

Now it's time for the next step, she said. "Getting justice."

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