ATLANTA-- After the drama and the terror that unfolded in Boston over the past week, runners in the Midtown Running Club knew they had to send a message-to the people of Boston and those terrorizing them.

"I just had to do something to feel like I was carrying on and doing my part and not letting terrorism stop me," runner Brandi Gilbert said.

Gilbert made an elaborate yellow shirt to show solidarity with the people of Boston. The normally light-hearted Runningnerd's 5k struck a serious tone with a banner filled with signed messages to the people of Boston. Blue and yellow pieces of fabric were given to the runners to attach to their numbers.

"We all felt affected by what happened on Monday," Race Director Tes Sobomehin said. "We knew we had to do something, we just want to send the message that we will continue to run."

Many said they felt a sense of closure knowing the attackers had been killed or captured by Friday night. They also said thinking of the Boston victims helped them run faster than ever.

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