DEKALB COUNTY, GA -- A Tucker woman was killed Friday morning by a tire that flew across several lanes of traffic and through her windshield. Investigators said the tire came from a Cartersville man's pick-up truck.

As he was driving, it came off his vehicle and flew across the northbound side of the highway and over the median wall. It then hit and killed 47-year-old Avila Masuda of Tucker. She was driving in the opposite directionon I-85, just north of Clairmont road.

Family members said Masud was driving her 16-year-old daughter to high school in the HOV lane. The teen was sitting in the passenger seat during the accident, but was unharmed.

The wreck happened at about 8:30 a.m. Police say any charges will depend on what caused the vehicle's tire to come loose.

The family held a funeral service Friday night, in accordance with their Muslim tradition.

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