ATLANTA -- The Atlanta City Council has voted to allow a 20-story Ferris wheel to be placed in downtown Atlanta near Centennial Olympic Park.

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The City Council voted unanimously Monday. The attraction, to be named Skyview Atlanta, has previously been housed in Paris and Pensacola. It will require no public funding.

"We benefit from a cost/revenue perspective, we get cash in this case and we don't have to make any investments or anything like that," said city council member Kwanza Hall.

Two St. Louis businessmen are behind the idea of bringing the Ferris wheel to Atlanta. Skyview Atlanta spokesman Jason Evans says the partners, Todd Schneider and Al Mers, plan to set it up next to The Tabernacle, a century-old former church building now used as a concert hall.

"I think it's something people are going to really enjoy," Evans said. "They're going to see the city from an angle they probably haven't seen before."

Officials say the attraction could be in place as early as June and rides are expected to cost between $12 and $13. They'll last for about 15 minutes.

--The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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