BROOKHAVEN, Ga. -- Not long after Brookhaven celebrated its brand new cityhood, it decided to clean things up, changing ordinances on adult entertainment businesses.

As of January next year, any new or existing adult businesses cannot serve alcohol and have nude dancers. It's one or the other. But the Pink Pony is the only strip club in Brookhaven.

"We're the same as always. We have not stopped doing what we're doing," says longtime first amendment attorney Alan Begner.

Begner filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Pink Pony against Brookhaven's new ordinances, which he says would drastically impact the club's estimated ten million dollars a year in earning.

The new restrictions -- alcohol or nude women -- affects all strip clubs.

Begner says, "I think in reality they are deciding what to do with the Pink Pony. It would easy for them to grandfather us and I believe that they will."

Brookhaven City Manager Marie Garrett says, "I can't say that any businesses were grandfathered in because all will have to meet our codes and regulations."

Many new cities have fought this battle. It's been seven years since Sandy Springs became a city and its three strip clubs are still operating despite the city's efforts.

Begner says, "This is all about morality in my view. The belief that it's immoral for young women to become exotic dancers."

Indeed, in the 22 page ordinance, it says these adult businesses can breed crime and prostitution.

Begner counters that "The Pink Pony has been operating for 22 years and has never been cited for a violation of any law or ordinance."

Brookhaven is a brand new city with its very first lawsuit, one it must respond to within the next two weeks.

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