TUCJER, Ga. -- It was only a single tree, but it caused a lot of damage and inconvenience to the Classic Village neighborhood in Tucker. Thursday night it landed on a power line, snapped a pole, and then fell across the only access road to the neighborhood.

"When you see that kind of power from nature, anything can happen. It was like 20 minutes of a hurricane," said resident Gary Gottling.

In the morning they woke up to find that anyone who had their car at home before 8:00, when the tree fell, wouldn't be able to get out until about 20 hours later. The tree was removed Friday afternoon, and power crews estimated they'd be working until late Friday to restore power.

In the meantime, most neighbors went on ice runs and tried to stay positive.

"We're having a big block party," Angela Hopkins said. "We're getting to know neighbors we never knew before that just moved in, it's been great."

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